Leon Levy Fellows in Neuroscience

Leon Levy Fellows at Rockefeller University are scientists in the early stages of their careers who receive support to pursue innovative, risk-taking research.

Lisa Fenk, Ph.D.
Identifying pathways of saccadic suppression
Maimon lab

Nicolas Renier, Ph.D.
Anatomical and molecular basis of network plasticity in adult brain
Tessier-Lavigne lab

Meg Younger, Ph.D.
Processing Human Cues in the Mosquito Brain
Vosshall lab

Sara Abrahamsson, Ph.D.
Developing Extended Volume 3-D Microscopy for Functional Imaging of Entire Neural Circuits
Bargmann lab

Caryn Hale, Ph.D.
Identification of RNA-binding Events by FMRP in CA1 Dendrites of the Hippocampus, a Region Implicated in Fragile X Syndrome and Other Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Robert Darnell lab

Vikram Vijayan, Ph.D.
Algorithmic and neuronal analysis of decision-making behavior in fruit flies
Maimon lab