Leon Levy Fellows in Neuroscience

Leon Levy Fellows at Rockefeller University are scientists in the early stages of their careers who receive support to pursue innovative, risk-taking research.

Sara Abrahamsson, Ph.D.
Developing Extended Volume 3-D Microscopy for Functional Imaging of Entire Neural Circuits
Laboratory of Neural Circuits and Behavior
Mentor: Cori Bargmann, Ph.D.

Leandro Alonso, Ph.D.
Learning to read the imprints of consciousness on global brain dynamics: an application to intraoperative monitoring of anesthesia
Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience
Mentor: Marcelo Magnasco, Ph.D.

Guadalupe Astorga, Ph.D.
Dynamics of cortical connectivity mediated by top-down influences
Laboratory of Neurobiology
Mentor: Charles Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D.

Lisa Fenk, Ph.D.
Identifying pathways of saccadic suppression
Laboratory of Integrative Brain Function
Mentor: Gaby Maimon, Ph.D.

Caryn Hale, Ph.D.
Identification of RNA-binding Events by FMRP in CA1 Dendrites of the Hippocampus, a Region Implicated in Fragile X Syndrome and Other Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Laboratory of Molecular Neuro-Oncology
Mentor: Robert Darnell, M.D., Ph.D.

Tobias Nöbauer, Ph.D.
High-speed, large-volume neural recording from the mammalian cortex using light field microscopy
Laboratory of Neurotechnology and Biophysics
Mentor: Alipasha Vaziri, Ph.D.

Nicolas Renier, Ph.D.
Anatomical and molecular basis of network plasticity in adult brain
Laboratory of Brain Development and Repair
Mentor: Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Ph.D.

Ilaria Sani, Ph.D.
'Catching attention': Unravelling the neural mechanisms of attentional reorienting
Laboratory of Neural Systems
Mentor: Winrich Freiwald, Ph.D.