Neuroscience Fellows

Neuroscience fellows at Rockefeller University are scientists in early stages of their careers, working both independently and in established laboratories at Rockefeller.

Leon Levy Postdoctoral Fellows

Lisa Fenk, Ph.D.
Identifying pathways of saccadic suppression
Maimon lab

Nicholas Renier, Ph.D.
Anatomical and molecular basis of network plasticity in adult brain
Tessier-Lavigne lab

Meg Younger, Ph.D.
Processing Human Cues in the Mosquito Brain
Vosshall lab

Sara Abrahamsson, Ph.D.
Developing Extended Volume 3-D Microscopy for Functional Imaging of Entire Neural Circuits
Bargmann lab

Caryn Hale, Ph.D.
Identification of RNA-binding Events by FMRP in CA1 Dendrites of the Hippocampus, a Region Implicated in Fragile X Syndrome and Other Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Robert Darnell lab

Vikram Vijayan, Ph.D.
Algorithmic and neuronal analysis of decision-making behavior in fruit flies
Maimon lab